Sunday, October 28, 2018

Uncertainty About the Near Future

Song 431: The week the playlist features How's It Going to Be by Third Eye Blind, written by Stephan Jenkins and Kevin Cadogan, and you can find a YouTube video of it by clicking on the title. I liked the second single (Graduate) from Third Eye Blind's eponymous first record, having heard it quite a bit on the radio, but then, about a year after its release, one night while sharing dinner with a friend at a Manhattan restaurant, I got to hear the entire album as background music. I liked everything on the CD, so following that enjoyable meal, I soon added the disc to my collection. This marks the 4th appearance of this list of a cut from TEBGraduate is Song 105, Burning Man is Song 117, and Thanks a Lot is Song 320. The singer here has decided that if a relationship has deteriorated to the point of exchanging blows, it makes more sense to walk away rather than to engage in physical altercations. Understandably, if Where we used to laugh There’s now a shouting match Sharp as a thumbnail scratch, then I too would want to get out of this, and likewise, I would also wonder How's It Going to Be if I felt I wanted to get myself back in again just to feel the soft dive of oblivion.

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