Sunday, November 4, 2018

Identifying a Very Memorable Type

Song 432: The week the playlist comes around to Twentieth Century Fox by The Doors, who also wrote the song. You can find a YouTube video of it by clicking on the title. The Doors lit such a big blaze with their opening single in the summer of 1967 that even though I had no hope at the time of owning their first album, so many of my friends had it that I soon knew the entire record. I also remember often hearing the whole LP during the monthly extended after-school work sessions when those of us on the student newspaper would put together that month’s issue. At some point during the fall of my HS junior year, my English teacher just randomly asked the class which band currently was the thing, and without hesitation, a bunch of us answered in unison: The Doors! I always relished the way the lyrics on this track outline a figure that breathes life into the trademark name of a movie production company and then illuminate her with multiple shades of meaning. Within a day or 2 of my early arrival at N.U. in the fall of 1969, a local RnR band played a fun set in the parking lot next to my dorm, and I still remember their performance of this tune. The words of this piece always stayed with me, reminding me to Just watch the way she walks, and inspiring me to write my own lines about how she moves, though I don’t at the moment have any links to that particular rocker, but maybe someday. On a side note, 2 other cuts from their eponymous debut The Doors have appeared on this list - Soul Kitchen is Song 56, and The Crystal Ship is Song 323.

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