Sunday, September 11, 2016

Expressing Some Genuine Gratitude

Song 320: This week on the playlist you can hear Thanks a Lot  by Third Eye Blind, written by Stephan Jenkins and Kevin Cadogan. As i mentioned in my post for Song 117 (Burning Man), for a while all I knew about Third Eye Blind was their hit Graduate (Song 105), and while I liked that cut quite a bit, I didn’t get particularly motivated to buy their CD until I happened to hear the entire record as background music one night while sharing a meal with a friend at a restaurant in Manhattan. While Graduate and Burning Man stood out as favorites, I quickly found that I liked the sound of the entire record, and it sounds as good to me today as it did 2 decades ago. I also feel no jealousy over the fact that my CD from the same era, called Country Drivin’, includes a track with the same title. In the case of Third Eye Blind, their cut expresses some genuine gratitude, after the singer laughed in the night and felt all right, whereas my song carries a more sarcastic edge, since the night I wrote about turned out in a much different way. I posted a rough cut video of my Thanks a Lot on YouTube a few years ago which you can hear by clicking on the title.

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