Sunday, September 29, 2019

A Ringing Uncertainty

Song 479: Just like my previous personal friend song post seven weeks ago, this week's musical delight Just Don't Know by Eddy & Kim Lawrence, written by Eddy Lawrence, also comes from one of my Fast Folk colleagues, appearing here accompanied by his wife, and you can find a YouTube video of it by clicking on the title. During the early 1990s when we both were hanging out in the NYC area, I found Eddy's work quite inspiring, to the point that I even borrowed the glow from one of his ironic lyrical gems, called Sleepdriving Again, turning it into Drivin’ in My Sleep Again (and I just happen to have a lyric video of that Country Drivin’ track which you can check out by clicking on the title). This particular jewel originally appeared on his 1992 sparkler Used Parts (which also featured Sleepdriving Again), but I actually only heard it for the first time recently. I had perused a Facebook page of his that showcases his nature photography, and while enjoying and sharing some of his raccoon photos, I also discovered the YT video, which I highly recommend, not just for the cool tune you'll get to hear, but also for the cool raccoon pics that you'll get to see. Regarding the message in the words here, personally, I feel like I've already seen the evil and the silly and the weird and the strange, and I would guess that at this point in his life he has too, and, as we both understand, anything can happen when you just don't know.

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