Sunday, September 16, 2018

Choosing Which Route to Take

Song 425: This week the playlist features Highway to Hell by AC/DC, written by Bon Scott, Angus Young and Malcolm Young, and you can find a YouTube video of it by clicking on the title. I had heard a few of AC/DC’s earlier efforts, and I thought they showed some potential, but when this hit came along in the summer of 1979, it really made me smile, especially in light of my early struggles as a teenager to reconcile my obsession with the devil's music that my fundamentalist religious parents and grandparents reviled. Having left that youthful guilt behind by a decade, I too could wave to Satan while Paying my dues, being on the way to the promised land. Then again, Taking everything in stride, maybe I sometimes Don't need reason, but I often feel like I do need rhyme. In addition, I'll admit that I do pay attention to stop signs and speed limit, which might have helped me get past the kind of sudden ending that AC/DC lead singer Bon Scott sadly came to about seven months after this single got released.

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