Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Part That’s Hard to Pin Down

Song 410: This week on the playlist you’ll find Spirit Slips Away by Thin Lizzy, written by Phil Lynott, and you can find a YouTube video of it by clicking on the title. I first heard about Thin Lizzy when Wild One (Song 296) showed up on the radio near the end of summer in 1975, and I liked that cut enough to take a chance on the Fighting LP, which soon proved to be a worthy investment, with this track being one of its highlights. As much as I enjoyed the album, it didn't garner much attention for the band, unlike their followup record Jailbreak which brought them their biggest hit (The Boys Are Back in Town) and a lot more popularity. I felt the earlier 33 deserved more attention than the latter, but evidently the RnR audience as a whole disagreed with my POV. To this day, I would much rather hear the Fighting gems than the Jailbreak highlights, but I also don't begrudge the quartet their commercial success, And when the music that makes you blue Unfolds its secrets, the mysteries are told to you, no matter which album the music comes from, so When the darkness starts to fall May the angels bring their flame to you, to me, and to us all.

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