Sunday, October 15, 2017

Ghostly Timing

Song 377: This week on the playlist you can hear Sundown by Rank and File, written by Chip Kinman and Tony Kinman, and you can catch a YouTube video of it here. With the days getting shorter at this time of year, Sundown comes along sooner every day, so this song seems appropriate for the season. It's the title track for the first Rank and File LP, which appeared in 1982. During that stretch, my good friend Eddie Spitzer started his own guitar store in the back of a record shop on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley, and so of course, I visited him there a number of times. In so doing, I caught some music that I might not have otherwise, including the R+F debut disc, and some of what I heard didn't move me at all, but the Kinman brothers quickly did get my attention, and my investment in a copy of their album. While I still haven't figured out all the words on this tune, and they're not yet available on any internet lyric pages, I can clearly hear a couple of lines close to the end which seem to fit the second half of October pretty well, and so I  guess we can Let the ghosts come around, and perhaps, if I look (and listen) closely, I can see them now. On a side note, I recently reconnected with Eddie, who now runs a business selling guitars to wholesalers online, and he's got some pretty good stuff which you can find at

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