Sunday, February 5, 2017

Getting In Too Deep

Song 341: This week's playlist pick is Over My Head by Fleetwood Mac, written by Christine McVie. Sometime in the middle of 1974, I caught Fleetwood Mac on a TV broadcast doing a song about the Bermuda Triangle, and while I thought it was an OK cut, I wasn’t all that excited by it, but I remember having this notion that someday FM would finally get their act together. The following September of 1975, this single hit the airwaves, showing off a finer sound that the group had achieved through a personnel shuffle that included the addition of the Buckingham-Nicks duo, and the LP it showcased made it clear to me that they had arrived at their together moment. Around the time of that record’s release, I made my first and only attempt at ice skating, which went about as badly as my first and only roller skating attempt a couple of years earlier. It was early fall, but back then, Evanston had, and probably still does have, an ice rink open to the public year-round. That bad skating experience remains forever linked with this track in my mind, though it doesn’t diminish my listening pleasure. It sure didn’t feel nice that day to be over my head so often, and a lot more got hurt than just my pride in that room that was cold as ice, leading me to conclude that any further skating effort would be wasting all of my time, but, given how it turned out for the singer and her bass player husband, my dark side was probably not as bad as hers.

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