Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Heart in the Right Place

Song 342: This week on the playlist you’ll find Righteous Love by Joan Osborne, written by Joan Osborne and Louie Pérez. As I mentioned in an earlier post about JO, I first heard her on a TV show where she performed songs from her Righteous Love CD, and this cut is the title track for that album. I liked what I heard on the TV program, so not long after, I picked up a copy of the CD, and it quickly found a place on my iPod as well as my CD player. With Valentine’s Day arriving very soon, this record seems like a good way to observe the heart holiday, particularly during a time with so much hate on the rise, because personally, I’ve never been so sure of love, and especially sure of the power of love to change the world. For this 2/14, I sincerely wish everyone peace and righteous love, and I wish it even more so for those most in need of it.

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